My Delayed Flight At the Portland Jetport

As I write this article, I am sitting at the Portland Maine Jetport. My flight to New York has been delayed and now I have an extra hour that I can fill with an adventure.


There is free unlimited wifi, which is beyond rare. LGA and JFK both do not have that amenity so y’all know I will be streaming Netflix and scrolling through Instagram during the next two hours.


There are not that many options for food or snacks. Just to put the size of this airport in perspective, I can walk from Gate 1 to Gate 11 in under 2 minutes. Yeah, it’s tiny. My options are Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster, Burger King, Starbucks, and Shipyard Brew Pub. It’s either a lobster roll or beer or fries or coffee. I might make the jump to lobster but I like to keep my options open.


The seating is not the most comfortable for a long wait but there are plenty of outlets. I can already feel my butt going numb and it’s not ideal. The one thing that makes the Portland Jetport so interesting is that there are several rocking chairs scattered throughout the terminal. Yeah, you heard that right, rocking chairs! I truly am in Vacationland.


Now that I have starred at everyone eating at Linda Bean’s, I might as well go eat and enjoy my time before I board for my hour flight home.