Maine Weather as Told by Californians

If you’re not from the Northeast, winters here can be frightening. Words like wind-chill and below zero temperatures may be foreign. It has been especially frightening for Californians. When you are accustomed to sunny days and occasional rain, life in the Northeast is, needless to say, like a culture shock.

I set out to find two subjects, all from California, to see how they respond to Maine and its temperatures (in Fahrenheit).

What’s a typical temp for a November day in California?

1: 65 and sunny, dry heat. Could have a little overcast in the morning, in the afternoon it’s like 80.

2: 70 sunny, 65 is cold for LA. Usually, it’s like 75 a day sunny never cloudy in LA. Beautiful and no humidity.

What’s the typical temperature for a November day in Maine?

1: Anywhere from 30-40s, freezing cold. There’s sun and it’s very cloudy, but very bright clouds.

2: How I think about weather in Maine is like the movie Marley and Me. It looks nice out but then you go outside and the dog is dead. And you knew that the dog was going to be dead but you still went outside and its freezing.

How have you prepared for this weather?

1: Buying the proper attire. I didn’t own a winter coat before here. Now I own so many jackets and pants.

2: Still really haven’t. the weather always gets to me. I have a giant jacket that I have from Norway. For the most part, I hate the cold, I love the warmth. “The cold sucks and anyone who says otherwise is just PLAYIN”

Any tips?

1: Hats always help keep your head warm and wear sweatpants everywhere.

2: Stay inside.

What are you most afraid of this winter?

1: Walk really slow when it's icy. Beware of black ice.

2: That it’s going to get colder.