I Finished My Thesis, Now What?

Entering into Bates freshman year the first thing you hear about is thesis. Every Bates grad has to do one and it is the toughest semester of your life. People pull all-nighters often and live in Ladd Library. Seniors walk around campus like zombies and are miserable. So from then on, I was horrified of writing my thesis. As a politics major, I knew my thesis would have to be around 40 pages and we had to take a 300 level course beforehand to help prepare for writing thesis.


In February of junior year, I had to decide what my topic was going to be and write a short proposal to submit. I went abroad and never thought of my topic until September. Big mistake.


When classes resumed, I had a meeting with my advisor and I had an epiphany. I would lose my mind if I continued writing about a topic that was not even remotely interesting to me. So, we brainstormed together and after a while, I decided that I should write about celebrity endorsements and celebrity politics. These worked so well because I love politics but I also love entertainment and celebrities.


On December 7th I handed in my final copy of my thesis and I can say I feel 1000% relieved. But now, what do I do? My major, minor, and GEC are all completed and I am taking only 3 classes next semester. I feel a lack of motivation because I completed the biggest project of my undergrad career. Should I take on new hobbies?


For my final months at Bates, I plan on experiencing everything possible and trying new things. But, also spending time with those who bring me the most joy.