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Last week Kourtney Kardashian dropped a bomb on all of us, she launched her website Poosh. And naturally, I spent my entire day going through every single article. I came across an article titled "An  INSTANT BUTT LIFT With COACH JOE" and naturally I was intrigued.


There are literally 5 sentences in the article and this YouTube Video.

The video shows Kourtney and Khloe doing butt workouts on a Bosu ball. They make it look so easy. like so easy. They aren't even shaking. So, I decided why not give it a try one day at the gym.


I located the ball and watched the video step by step and let me tell you it was not easy. I was losing my balance and was out of breath during the first set. I finished the workout and felt really accomplished. It was a tough one but something I would 100% try again.


Check out Poosh for more workouts and trips.

Elizah Laurenceau is a senior at Bates College. Her hobbies consist of rewatching Call Me By Your Name, using Huji to take pictures, and playing with her dog. She spends her days either glued on her computer or late nights finishing up work.
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