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How to Cure your Gala Hangover in Commons

Did you drink a little too much for Gala? Sunday morning commons can often be the best place to bring yourself back to life. I’ve checked the menu and determined the best options for Sunday brunch in order to start your day off on the right foot!

1. Make a breakfast sandwich 
Toasted bagel for the energy, eggs for protein, cheese for your dairy fix, tomato to convince yourself you’re being healthy, and pesto for flavor. Plus, tomorrow there will be apple baked ham, so throw some of that on there. Need I say any more?

2. Corned beef hash
If you’re really looking to soak up the alcohol in your system, get a bowl and fill it with the greasy deliciousness of corned beef and potatoes. 

3. Congee
A hidden brunch gem, all congee consists of is rice and stock. It will rehydrate you without being too harsh on your stomach!

4. Chicken Kiev with Vegan lentils and rice 
Feeling bold? Get some chicken Kiev AKA exploding hamsters. Mix that delicious herby butter with the lentils and rice from the vegan bar and you’ll be better in no time.

5. Vegan hash
Don’t sleep on the vegan bar! Throw some ketchup on the vegan hash and you won’t even be able to tell the difference from the non-vegan edition. Potatoes are considered a superfood, right?

BONUS! Make a waffle!
Are you feeling a little better than you anticipated? Get up there, treat yourself to a waffle, and prove to your friends how much better you are than them. You won’t regret it. 

If you choose to drink at Gala, I hope these Sunday brunch items will cure you tomorrow morning! 


Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Sophie Warren is senior at Bates College majoring in biology and history. She's from Massachusetts but was born in Wisconsin, so cheese is a really important part of her life. Her interests include dogs, tacos, and chillin.
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