Get the Look: Grace Hargreeves

I just started watching "The Umbrella Academy," a Netflix original series based on a "Dark Horse" comic book series of the same name, written by Gerard Way (yes, that Gerard Way of "My Chemical Romance" fame) and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Let me just say, I'm absolutely in love with the costumes, especially Grace Hargreeves's costumes. Grace is the mom of the family, and out of respect of spoilers, I won't say any more, but her costumes are beautiful. Very 50's housewife/Dior New Look-inspired, Grace wears mostly clothes with a defined hourglass silhouette, a string of pearls, kitten heels, and her hair in curls. 

I game myself a mission: recreate Grace Hargreeve's style. Here's what I came up with.

In the image above, there are two staple items in her outfit. A white button-down shirt and a big pale pink poofy skirt. It's easy to find white button-downs, but much more difficult to find those blouses with that specific type of collar.

This blouse from Land's End has a similar look and costs $30.95.

I also found this blouse from Blair that costs $35.99, and the collar looks very close to Grace's, although the tie is an added touch.

For $48, you can get this sleeveless blouse from Unique Vintage. Even though there's some piping on this blouse and it's sleeveless, I think the collar might be the closest to Grace's. 

Now for the skirt. This skirt is from Walmart,and you can get it for $9.07!Although this one has a floral, rather than polka-dot, print, I think Grace would still approve. Also from Walmart, this skirt is $17.59. 

You might even get a skirt that's a bit less full and just pop a crinoline or petticoat under it, like this one from Walmart for $12.99. 

For the finishing touch, the shoes! These heels are $29.98 from DSW. 

Or you can get these pumps from DSM for $39.99.

These heels are $18 from ASOS. 

Moral of the story? I'm just incredibly envious of Grace's wardrobe.