First-Year Dorm Hacks

Hey guys! Second semester is in full swing, but this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to vamp up your dorm room. Here are some quick tips and tricks to brighten up your winter blues!

1. Use the hand dryer as a nail dryer for those quick polish days.
2. Skip the lotion, lip balm, face cream and hair mask; instead opt for some organic coconut oil.
3. Winter shower? Crank up the heat before you leave, to enter a warm and cozy room.
4. Bed risers = more under the bed storage.
5. Christmas lights = cozy and relax vibe, skip the standard dorm light.
6. Build your own back board, a quick trip to Home Depot.
7. Binder clips are a game changer: hold up the trash bag, as a coiler for electronic words, etc...
8. Jewelry hangers.
9. Steal food from commons for face scrubs and masks.
10. Leave hats in accessible place for easy fixes to bad hair days.
11. Leave your key in a friend’s room to avoid locked out situations.
12. Pick up a lamp at Goodwill or an antique shop for some fun decor, ps. don’t forget to name it.
His name is Gabriel.