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Finals Week as told by Gilmore Girls

We have about 15 more days to improve our grades. And yes, finals week is here. I know this is very stressful and hard week for you all, so here are relatable symptoms of finals week, and lessons as told by “Gilmore Girls”:

You always need COFFEE, especially during finals week to pull those continuous all-nighters:When professors tell you that all exams and papers are due during the same week:When you complain about your workload to your friends:

When you are trying to be nice to people and be patient:

Weekends, when you give up on your work and go to the Goose instead:

But hey, there is a reading day on Monday, don’t give up yet! 

Study tips: Study with friends who can make your study much more “FUN”Manage your time well, bring your study materials wherever you go just in case.

Keep yourself motivated with your final goal(s)!And keep encouraging yourself and your buddies that you guys can finish strong! Winter break is so close!

Make sure you get some sleep and rest, even though you have a lot to do. It will increase your work efficiency.

And also…

Good luck everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor!  

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