February Must Have: the Billie Razor

Every year we ask ourselves why are razors so expensive? At CVS a Gillette Venus Razor with one handle and two razor heads cost $15.49 and a refill pack costs $19.49. I don’t know about you but for me, that is a little too expensive on my college student paycheck.


One day I was scrolling on Instagram and I came across Billie. It was a sponsored ad and featured women with actual body hair in the ad. Yeah, you heard me, real body hair not the lasered models you see on every other razor commercial. I was stunned and went on their page and the price was mind-blowing. Only $9 for a razor handle plus two razor heads and free shipping! It seemed worth a try, so I ordered away.

Several months later and I am hooked. I have a 3-month subscription that sends me four razor heads every 3-months and I only pay $9! These are the most amazing razors and truly worth the price. They leave my skin silky smooth without razor bumps or burns.


Everyone must give Billie a try and stop paying those absurd prices for razors.


Check them out here.