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Feature: Freeport, Maine’s Fall Festival

Freeport, Maine is having their Fall Festival this weekend, October 1 & 2, 2016, in the iconic L.L.Bean and the Freeport Village station. Today I had the opportunity to explore the festival, and had such a fun time reconnoitering the different art and fine crafts exhibitors and listening to their live music.

The air was filled with music coming from the Discovery Stage on the L.L.Bean campus, and the aroma of different Maine food artisans tickled the noses of pets, children and adults picnicking on the grassy area in front of the stage. It was an exciting site to see, visitors from all different areas of Maine rendezvousing the various white tents set up. It was like shopping at multiple live Etsy boutiques—homemade jewelries, candles, skin-care, clothes, accessories, and so much more.

What I loved most about the festival is the location—right in the center of Freeport. Freeport is known for all of its outlet stores, so after adventuring the Fall Festival, I took off for some great deals at the outlet stores. Because winter is fast approaching, all of the stores’ summer-styled clothes are on sale. Like I mentioned in the “Autumn is the Best Season [In New England]” article (http://www.hercampus.com/school/bates/feature-autumn-best-season-new-england), it is very manageable to transform your summer wardrobe to an autumn wardrobe—so why not get ahead for next year and find cute trendy autumn clothes.


For the full list of participating exhibitors and vendors, and for more information on Freeport’s Fall Festival, please visit: http://freeportfallfestival.com/. There’s still one more day of the Fall Festival, so I encourage you all to go and support local Maine businesses!

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