A Comment on Hospital Fashion

A Comment on Hospital Fashion...

Missing the first day back from February break is awful. Missing it because you’re stuck in a hospital is even worse. As I lay here in my super flattering light green gown, I can’t help but think of some changes that could be made to hospital attire. Of course, hospitals are not New York or Paris runways, but I sure do think these health hubs could benefit from some fashion advice.  Here are three pieces of hospital attire that could use a little oomph! 

1. Gowns: I’m not walking on the Oscars’ red carpet, but all I ask is that my cute undies don’t make an unwanted appearance. Sure, the tie in the back seems easiest for dressing/undressing, especially when you are alone. However, wouldn’t snap buttons be just as helpful? They could offer more protection for your bum, rather than a little bow in the back, while still providing easy access for doctors when needed! Plus, they would offer a cute little touch to the back of the gown, since a stunning back is all the rage in fashion this season.
2. Socks: No outfit is complete without stunning footwear. Unfortunately, heels, let alone shoes, are ruled out of the equation in a hospital. However, socks could be the next big thing in fashion. Who doesn’t like a cute, patterned pair of socks? I’m lucky enough to have blue socks that really bring out the little blue pattern on my green gown. But wouldn’t it be great if hospital socks were full of fun designs? To most people, sock fashion seems a bit unnecessary. However, when you’re in a hospital all day, you tend to glance at your feet quite often. Why not have some sparkle or color to admire? 
3. Tape: Sadly, I’m not talking about the kind of fashion tape one uses to hold part of a dress up, but instead the tape used for fun hospital functions, such as IVs and lab draws, OH MY! I get it, tape isn’t supposed to be beautiful or adorable; it has a function. However, a little color on my arm might just brighten the mood a little more! Some options could be hot pink, baby blue, or maybe even a pattern. Sparkles are always welcomed too. Instead of the same old white/clear tape used on the daily, a little pop of color would provide an instant, stylish accessory. 
Even though I may not agree with some hospital fashion, I still am so grateful for hospitals, as well as all the amazing people who work in them. Whether you’re on a city street, walking through campus, or stuck in a hospital, style should never have to take the back burner. However, I’ll keep rocking this fabulous gown every day, as long as my health is improving!