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Campus Cutie: Robert Charpie ’15

My Campus Cutie interview this weekend was the special kind of break from finals that I needed. He’s known by many for his bright smile and even more for his beautiful voice. For those who do not know who I am talking about — ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Robert Charpie.

Before I get into how great our cutie is, here are the basics. Robert is a senior from Weston, Massachusetts.  He is an economics major and math minor whose favorite food is Chinese, but he “doesn’t really drink caffeinated beverages.”  In addition to all of this, Robert is also a member of the popular all-male acappella group, the Manic Optimists, better known as the ManOps.  In regards to his voice, I inquired:

So, you’re in ManOps, how’s that been these last four years?

“Oh, amazing. Best part of my Bates experience for sure. I have so many best friends from it. Just being in a group of guys who are so awesome…they’ll be what I think of when I look back at Bates.”

When did you realize you had the voice of an angel?

“I don’t know about voice of an angel. I knew I could sing in middle school, I had a solo singing in the middle school chorus — it’s Lean On Me. When I auditioned for it, people were like, ‘Woah.’ I don’t know, I guess I realized I could sing. This was in sixth grade.”

How old were you when started singing?

“Well, my whole family can sing, so like, we would always sing in the car all the time, and we would just all jam out in the car. But in terms of performing in front of audiences, I would say around that time, sixth grade.”

Do you have any secret talents?

“Well, a lot of people don’t know that in high school I won league MVP in baseball. Baseball was a huge, huge part of my life, and I chose to just focus on singing once I got to college. But, it was one of the more challenging things freshman year, giving that up.”

Who is your celebrity crush?

“Kristen Bell. She’s just like beautiful, and she seems like a fun person. She’s kind of adorable.”

Blondes or brunettes?

“I like them both.”

Boxers or briefs?


Relationship status?


Yassssss! After learning that our cutie was single, I had to put him through the classic round of interrogation.  

Do you believe in love at first sight?

[After a long pause] “Yeah, I do. I think you can vibe with someone from the start.”

What are the sexiest traits in a woman?

“A really cute laugh and someone who is super smiley. I don’t know, someone who makes you feel happier when you’re around them. That’s pretty sexy.”

What do you look for in a partner?

“So those answers kind of tie in together, but I guess what I look for is someone who brings out the best qualities in me, I think.  Someone who I could be myself completely, like even better than my usual self.”

How would you describe your dream date?

“I don’t think of anything too fancy. Like a dinner and a movie, I like a good dinner and a movie. Just know that when you’re with them you are just vibing, that’s probably like the ideal situation.”

Do you have your eyes on anyone at Bates?

“Yeah, of course! I have crushes for sure.”

If you were to serenade a girl, what would you sing to her?

“I would sing Waiting All My Life by Rascal Flatts.”

If you ever want to catch this cutie’s attention, I hear you that you should just go to one of his concerts. Believe me, it won’t just be his good looks that will impress you. Not only is this cutie a good catch, but he’s smart too. After graduation, Robert will be working as an analyst at Analysis Group in Boston. There you have it, ladies! Run to a concert, and go check this talented hottie out!



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