Campus Cutie: Robbie Montanaro '19

This week, Her Campus Bates is excited to feature Robbie Montanaro as Campus Cutie. Originally from Belmont, MA, Robbie can be found frequenting Commons or playing goalie on the soccer field (#1). Keep scrolling to see his complete bio!
Name: Robbie Montanaro
Class year: 2019
Hometown: Belmont, MA
What are you studying at Bates? Spanish and Theatre… and Great Ideas in Mathematics.
What are you involved in on campus? I’m on the men’s soccer team.
Why did you choose to be a soccer goalie? Both my dad and uncle were professional goalies from Italy so it’s kind of in my blood. Also, they say you have to be a bit crazy to play goalie… so there’s that too. 
Favorite quote? “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” 
Something we don’t know about you? I’m really into theatre and music. I’ve actually already taken a few theatre courses here and I play the guitar and sing as a way to occasionally get away from sports. I also lived in the south of Spain for six months last year playing soccer.
What would you do if you won the lottery? I wouldn’t tell anyone that I had won, I would donate half, leave huge tips at restaurants, buy my parents a house on the water, and then save the rest and dedicate all my time to playing soccer while traveling the world completely stress-free. 
One word that describes you? Passionate.
Favorite genre of music? I have two main ones, Country and Reggaeton but aside from that I’ll listen to just about anything.
Who is your style icon? Without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo.
What does a day in the life of Robbie look like? I wake up, go to Commons for a nice big breakfast, then I go to class. After class it’s right back to Commons for a big lunch and then a nap. After the nap I generally go back to commons for a sandwich before heading to the gym. After the gym I go straight back to commons for a large dinner and then either go to the grey cage or Garcelon to kick the soccer ball around before heading back to commons for a second dinner. After that I typically post up in Pgill to get my work done, and am hopefully in bed by 11:30. 
Favorite food in Commons? Either Taco bar (Burrito bowl all the way) or Chicken parm.
Theme song? The Man -- Aloe Blacc.
Best compliment you’ve ever received? “You’re going places.” 
Thanks Robbie, for making Bates great!