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Campus Cutie: Mike Mulach ’17

Name: Mike Mulach

Grade: 2017

Relationship status: Single

Major: Art History and Economics

Hometown: Rocky River, Ohio

Something we don’t know about you: My first name is actually John, not Mike

Why Bates: My tour guide was smokin’

Hobbies: Anything in the great outdoors

What you want to do next year: I just want to follow my heart

Bates extracurricular activities: Bobcat Ventures, hockey, surfing, Mario Kart

Best pick-up line: Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea. 

Describe your dream date: A day at the Louvre

Thing on your Bates bucket list: Gettin barreled 

Celebrity crush: Anastasia Ashley

Favorite Bates memory: That one night I ended up at the river

Favorite quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

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Jane is a senior at Bates College, majoring in English and minoring in History. Outside of class, she dances ballet and practices yoga, religiously listens to Dave Matthews Band, and is a firm believer that dark chocolate acts as a well-rounded meal.
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