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Campus Cutie: Lindsay Stewart ’19

The Campus Cutie of the week is Lindsay Stewart! Check out her bio below to get a sense of what this bubbly girl is all about!

Campus Cutie: Lindsay Stewart

Class year: 2019

Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

What are you studying at Bates? Politics

What are some of your hobbies? Finding the best memes, obsessing over Marnie the dog (she’s precious), and watching the love of my life (aka Sidney Crosby) and the Penguins play hockey.

Shout out Marnie:

Something we don’t know about you? I’ve gone 19 days without showering.


Relationship status? Single, but occasionally gets the “You up?” text.

What’s your best memory at Bates?

Late nights in JB with my ladies.

Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion? Juicy track suit

What’s your spirit animal?  A raccoon because I’m most comfortable in the dark, I like to eat straight garbage, and I try to sleep most of the day (I don’t know if raccoons actually go this).

Favorite Quote? “Eat the spaghetti to forget the regretti.” –Unknown


What’s your theme song?

 Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis


Favorite food?

Peanut butter jelly on wheat bread…white bread is weird.


What’s a question for the next Campus Cutie?

 What’s your favorite Instagram account that you follow?




Lindsay, thanks for being you and sharing your shining self with Bates!



Catie Spaulding is a 2019 Bates College graduate. In her free time, she enjoys singing the wrong lyrics to almost every song imaginable, contemplating big and small life questions with anyone around her, and debating what flavor ice cream to pick up on the next grocery run.
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