Campus Cutie: Hunter Lord '17

Maybe he'll take you surfing or lobster fishing. Buckle up, ladies, this week's Campus Cutie is ready for adventure…

Name: Hunter Lord

Name your mom calls you: Hunty  

Hometown: Kittery Point, ME

Major: Economics

Class year: 2017

Relationship status: Single. Ya, chicks...I can’t hack 'em.

Catchphrase: “Ride or Die”

Age of first kiss: One time in third grade this girl kissed me in line, so I guess that counts...

Most attractive quality in a girl: A good attitude.

Least attractive quality in a girl: A bad attitude.

Commons crush: I don’t know, I have, like, 50.

Favorite class taken at Bates: Moral Disputes with Tom Tracy.

3 words to describe yourself: Fun, humble, ridiculous.

Hobbies: Skiing, surfing, hunting, biking, climbing.

Little known fact: I’m a lobsterman, and I’m part Native American.

Favorite animal: Sharks, bears, wolves, in that order.

Guilty pleasure: I like chick flicks.

Hunter or gatherer: Yo, what’s my name?!

Most ridiculous thing that’s happened to you recently: Last weekend...or that time in a Montreal strip club.

Thoughts when you’re alone in your car: How sick my truck is!

Last meal request if on Death Row: Penne pasta with a little bit of vodka sauce with sausage and a glass of milk… and chocolate ice cream.