The Best Snacks for Super Bowl LII

Whether you care about football or not, the Super Bowl is a must-watch this Sunday. Besides another excuse to drink, what’s the best part about the Super Bowl? Obviously the snacks, because no Super Bowl party is complete without tantalizing trays of munchies. No matter which team you’re rooting for, here is a list of some must-have snacks that should definitely make an appearance in your spread this year.

1.) Buffalo Chicken Dip

Ah, yes. Buffalo chicken, the Northeast’s dip of choice. All you need is three ingredients: a rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, and Frank’s red hot. When a snack is that easy to prepare, why not throw it on the table? Pair this dip with tortilla chips, potato chips, crackers, or even vegetables and it will not disappoint you.

2.) Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Another classic dip. This one is perfect for those friends who don’t really like spicy food and want to trick themselves into thinking they’re healthy by eating something with vegetables in it. This dip is best with pita chips, so give it a try!

3.) Nachos

Science has proven that nothing pairs better with a cold Bud Light than a cheesy tray of nachos. Toss some chili and jalapenos on top and you’re in business. If you’re feeling extravagant, maybe throw some guacamole on top, too.  

4.) Wings

Who doesn’t love chicken wings?! Nothing better than tearing at some meat while you watch the big game. Whether you fry them up yourself or pick them up from Buffalo Wild Wings, they are sure to satisfy. Douse those bad boys in buffalo or BBQ sauce and dip them in your favorite dip for maximum enjoyment.

5.) Chips and Salsa/Guac

This classic is going to fly off the table. People will munch on chips with salsa/guac for the ENTIRE game, so make sure you have plenty on hand!

6.) Frozen Pizza

Maybe you ball out on an entire frozen pizza, but Totino’s pizza rolls and bagel bites are an even better option. Everyone will be transported back to their childhood while enjoying this delicious snack.


Armed with these snack suggestions, your Super Bowl party should be a success!


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