Best Bars in Berlin

Studying abroad is a magical experience. I had the amazing opportunity to study in Berlin for a semester and explore the best Berlin had to offer. These are some of the great places I had the chance to visit.



This bar perfectly fits its name, living room. It’s cozy and has couches all over. In the summer, you can grab your drink and sit outside and enjoy the sereneness of Prenzlauer Berg. 


Mano Cafe and Bar

In Görlitzer, this bar has amazing drinks and a great atmosphere. There’s a cool loft area that fits 4-6 people. If you get there early enough you can snag this great find.



Just off of Bahnhof Warschauer, Hirsch is a small bar nestled in between clubs. There are small rooms meant for those who want to enjoy a cigarette and the main room for those who wouldn’t. It’s table serviced and you can enjoy your drink with refills without ever getting up!


Weinerei Forum

This one is for my wine lovers. Weinerei has a Thursday through Sunday tasting room where you pay 2.50€ for a glass and drink as much as you would like and then pay for how many glasses you had. It’s an honor system. But be sure to reserve a table or you might miss out on a night.