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10 Reasons to Join the Her Campus Bates Team

Still looking for an extracurricular activity to join? Wondering what you can do in your free time? Trying to make the best of your four years at Bates? Well, joining Her Campus Bates could be the perfect choice for you. Here are our reasons why becoming a part of the HCB team is the best decision you could ever make.


Writing blogs are fun! Who doesn’t love to get creative and record their thoughts and musings in a blog? The possibilities for topics are endless and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Interviewing your friends can be both informative and hilarious. In our campus cutie and celebrity articles, you are able to feature some of the most interesting people on campus for the whole school to read.


Do your peers some good and introduce them to different aspects of our school! The feature articles are a perfect way to explore and present clubs, organizations, and ideas to others.


Make some awesome friends! The girls in Her Campus Bates are fun, kind, interesting, and wicked smart.


Become a published writer before you graduate! Her Campus is a nationally recognized online magazine to which you can contribute your own writing.

Put your social media skills to good use! As members of the technological generation, we all have a weakness for navigating the web. HCB needs girls with killer social media skills to share articles and events on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Fluff up your resume! By joining Her Campus Bates, you will develop marketable writing, publishing, and communication skills.

Connect with girls all over the continent! By being a part of Her Campus, you are given the opportunity to interact with other collegiate women across America and Canada.


Snag some free stuff! The national Her Campus team supplies each chapter with absolute necessities to survive a semester.

Have an absolute blast! These reasons should be enough to inspire you to join right away. The benefits of joining Her Campus Bates clearly greatly outweigh the drawbacks, and we can’t wait to have you part of our team.


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Jane is a senior at Bates College, majoring in English and minoring in History. Outside of class, she dances ballet and practices yoga, religiously listens to Dave Matthews Band, and is a firm believer that dark chocolate acts as a well-rounded meal.
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