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We’ve all been there. You’re talking to this one guy. Things seem to be going so well. Conversations flow so naturally and seem oh-so effortless. You guys go on a few fun outings and they feel like some of the best moments of your life. You exchange those cute “goodmorning” and “goodnight” texts that your days now feel incomplete without. Then, suddenly, without warning, he disappears.

Also, no, this isn’t an article explaining why he did what he did ‘cause girl, it doesn’t matter! Though, it can hurt and understandably so. 

I’ll admit, I’ve personally been on both sides of the ghosting trend. It’s dreadful to be the “ghoster” as well as being the one who gets ghosted. In the instances where I’ve been ghosted, thoughts ran through my mind about where I went wrong. How could a person who I came to form a connection with so easily ended things without any notice?

Well, you’ll never know the answer to that question or any other questions you have frankly. I guess, through my experience, I’ve discovered that ghosting sucks because it makes you feel almost disposable.

When you’ve spent hours talking on the phone, sharing your personal thoughts, and taking time out of your day to hang out with this person, it makes you experience a new level of connection. What I mean is that you know there’s someone out there who values and is interested in you for who you are. They wouldn’t want to spend so much time with you otherwise, right?

Then, when we get blocked and the constant messages stop, it can sometimes make you feel like none of the conversations or the times you shared together meant anything to them. You didn’t meet their expectations or their desires, so they decided, just like that, you’re off. Who’s to say you ever meant anything to them?

Well, you mean something to those who love and care about you. A boy ghosting you has never and will never change that.

The first thing I’ve always done after getting ghosted was thinking about the good times. Just because things didn’t end well doesn’t mean they never went well. 

Not only has this made me happier, but it also helped me cope with the inevitable unrelenting thoughts I had about whatever dickhead boy blocked me. I changed the direction of my thoughts into something more positive. I thought about the good and let go of the bad and eventually all thoughts about him all together.

After that, well, that’s up to you. We’re all different and the situations we go through are different too. It may take a long time for you to fully recover after experiencing something like this and that’s perfectly okay. You got this!


And remember this on your journey: if someone doesn’t see your worth, that’s on them, not you.

Cami Beteet

Ball State '24

Hi, I'm Cami, a freshman and TCOM major at Ball State University.
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