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This past year has been a frustrating and stressful time for us all, and sometimes we need a little extra pick-me-up. I have made a quick self-help guide on how to improve your mood for those days when you are feeling down!


Sometimes life can become overwhelming, and it may be hard to process those emotions. Whenever I am feeling low, I like to write it all down to express and release whatever feelings I may be holding in, and I always feel 10x better after journaling. Staying in-tune with yourself and your mental state is so important, and journaling can allow you to do that.

Look Good, Feel Good

Sometimes if I am down in the dumps, all I need is a little confidence boost. Putting on a cute look, bomb makeup, and taking a few selfies can make me feel like a brand new person. When you are confident in the way you look, it is hard to not feel good!

Go For A Walk

Sometimes, all we need is a little break to be with our own thoughts. With spring approaching, this is something we can finally start doing again! Put your phone down and enjoy the outside world away from all of the craziness. A little fresh air and sun can relieve stress and make you feel revived.

Do Something You Love

It is difficult to be sad while doing something you love. Whether it is art, listening to music or a podcast, shopping (retail therapy is real), dancing, watching TikTok or whatever it is that you enjoy, do it. Life can get so busy sometimes, so putting some extra time aside to do something you love will improve your mood greatly.

Spend Time With People Who Lift Your Spirits

This is what friends are for. Call up your bestie and just enjoy each other’s company. When I am not in a great headspace, I love to hang out with my dog because she is my best friend. Whether it is your human or furry best friend, spending time with loved ones is the best way to get yourself out of your rut.

Meghan Dale

Ball State '24

Fashion Merchandising major and Ball State University
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