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World News- Iran, U.N. Regulators Agree On Reduced — But Continued — Nuclear Verification, NPR 

Iran’s nuclear program has been a long-lasting source of conflict within the Middle East and has put strains on US-Iranian relations. After a recent announcement that they would be suspending all random nuclear inspections, Iran changed this statement after meeting with a representative from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). There has also been discussion within both the US and Iranian governments about the potential of returning to full compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement, which former President Trump withdrew from in 2018. However, attaining this goal will prove difficult, as both sides are already calling for the other to take the first step.   

National News- NASA Releases Stunning New Video of Perseverance Rover Landing on Mars, ABC News 

We have always looked to space in times of trouble, as its vastness and mystery remind us that there are things out there much bigger than we are. Nasa has inspired us once again with a video of Mars that its Rover, Perseverance, captured upon landing. It is the hope that this video will just be the start of a journey that brings everyday citizens closer to stars from the comfort of their couch. 


Local News- Teen Arrested for Obstruction of Justice in Muncie Murder Probe, Star Press   

In breaking news, two weeks ago three men were found dead from gun wounds in a Muncie apartment. Police have arrested 18-year-old Juniyah Yvette Simmons, a resident of the apartment where the shooting occurred, for obstruction of justice. Between traveling to a different county before calling in the incident and taking several pieces of evidence before leaving, Simmons played a role in delaying the ongoing investigation. While she is awaiting trial and potentially 30 months in jail, Simmons was released on a $5000 bond late Saturday.

Monet Lindstrand is a Political Science and Women and Gender Studies double major with minors in French and Campaign Communications. Outside of Her Campus, she is on the exec board for student government and the Ball State Democrats, and is a member of the Zeta Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta. Monet is a vegetarian and has a passion for women’s rights, environmentalism, and politics!
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