The Life and Legacy of the Notorious RBG

As only the second woman to ever serve on the supreme court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had an immeasurable impact on women in law, paving the way for reproductive rights and gender equality in the workplace. At only 5’1”, she was full of energy, poise and intelligence till the very end. Serving as a lawyer and eventually as a supreme court justice, RBG flourished in the male-dominated field. Top of her class at Cornell and Columbia University, she taught many, like me, that hard work and determination can help one achieve anything they set their mind to. Ruth Bader Ginsburg can rest easy knowing that the world is a much better place because of her dedication and hard work. As a woman, I will be forever grateful for all that she did before and during her time on the Court and am genuinely scared to face the coming years without her influence. It will truly be a test of integrity on the part of the president and the Senate as they navigate the next several months, and I sincerely hope that RBG’s memory and wishes are remembered throughout. 

RBG faced no shortage of challenges throughout her lifetime, and it was these barriers that led her to her passion for law. She was hired as a law professor at Rutgers and Columbia University and fought for equal pay for women while teaching at each school. She and her female coworkers made significantly less and were treated differently because they were women and this inspired RBG to focus on gender discrimination litigation. Her journey from here led her to argue six discrimination cases in front of the supreme court, winning five. Eventually, she became only the second woman to ever serve on the supreme court after being nominated by Bill Clinton. Through her fiery dissents during her time on the court, she helped pave the way to progress in America, even if it seemed slow going to some. 

When I found out that RBG had passed away, I was in shock. She had experienced cancer throughout her life but had come back stronger every time. Living in Trump’s America as a woman is frightening and RBG’s death leaves an open spot for another conservative judge to replace her. I am scared that by losing Ginsburg, the path towards complete gender equality that we have been on will be derailed. Abortion access for women is already under attack, and without Justice Ginsburg to help tip the scales in favor, this could mean the end to a women’s right to choose. She has also become a role model for women in America, as she beat the odds of her gender in a time when that was near impossible. It will be difficult to replace the metaphorically large shoes of this tiny woman. 

As our country moves into the 2020 election and Trump moves forward with the attempted supreme court justice confirmation hearings, it is vital that we honor and remember the legacy that Ruth Bader Ginsburg left behind. It is thanks to her that women can work for equal pay, safely take maternity leave and have more reproductive rights. It is my hope that the memory of RBG never fades away and that she continues to be an inspiration for decades to come.