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Fun Ways to Style Your Mask

If you would have asked me a year ago what the biggest thing in fashion would be this fall, I never would have guessed that it would be because of a global pandemic. When thinking about the current world situation, it is easy to think of the downsides and hard to see any benefits.  I have discovered one of these benefits is the many unique ways to add personality to my outfits with an everyday mask. Today I hope I can help you see how a mask is both functional and fashionable.

Match your bookbag, purse, even a belt!

Matching your mask to your bookbag or purse can bring a new level of unity into your outfit in a very subtle way. Incorporating this extra element in coordinating your look expresses your personal style while protecting yourself and others.

Match your shoes!

Shoes can make or break your outfit. By tying in your mask to match, you will elevate your overall look. Experiment with colors, textures and patterns to show more of your personality and love for fashion!

Add patterns or a pop of color with your mask!

Neutral colors are a common wardrobe staple. Putting on a mask that is a bright or bold color will help bring a lot more dimension to any outfit! Mixing patterns is a growing trend in the fashion world. You can easily jazz up any outfit by adding a pattered mask! It’s a versatile way to spice up a toned down color scheme or compliment your mix of patterns and colors.

Add a mask holster!

Leaving your mask at home is a common mistake. Hooking your mask to a belt loop, bag, keychain or purse will help you to remember it more effectively while adding another element to your ensemble!

I hope these quick style tips shed some positive light on having fun styling everyone’s essential accessory!

Divine Vasquez

Ball State '22

Hi y'all, I am Divine Vasquez!! I currently am studying Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design with a minor in Entrepreneurial Management at Ball State!! I currently hold the positions of Apparel and Event Director for HER Campus Ball State & Apparel chair for a Greek organization. I love inspiring those around me with my fashion tips and tricks! I hope that my articles help you gain more confidence in who you are and inspire you to shine your light!!!
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