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‘Breaking Bad’ Star RJ Mitte Speaks at Ball State


RJ Mitte, motivational sepaker and Breaking Bad actor, focuses on his disability being an advantage, he said during his presentation “Overcoming Adversity: Turning a Disadvantage into an Advantage.”

During the March 22 talk, Mitte said that ullying and being treated differently because of a disability is what led one man to pursue the acting career he has today.

“When you see someone with a disability, I don’t care who you I don’t care what business you are in, many people find the word disability similar with the word liability,” Mitte said.

As an actor with little experience before his role as Walter “Flynn” White Jr. of AMC’s Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning television series Breaking Bad, Mitte wanted his audience to live through his character and realize bullying and discrimination does happen and will never stop.

“You can’t get rid of bullying; if you could you would have world peace. I think the biggest thing is you do not have to be afraid of a bully, you do not need to live in fear and intimidation,” Mitte said.

After visiting Ball State University Monday evening, Mitte hoped his role on camera will make people realize that bullying is an issue in everyday lives, and he said his message to his audience is to never give up your dream regardless of those around you holding you down.

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