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It’s a new year, the best time to discover new businesses. Whether that be investing in

products to help meet your workout goals, finding a market that sells healthier food options, or even seeking out a new place to shop for hair products, there are so many black-owned businesses perfectly suited to meet your desires.

After exploring a wide range of black-owned businesses, I have found a few favorites that everyone should know about! 

Planted Paper Co.

One major goal for many is getting organized. Unfortunately, given COVID-19 and

being stuck in our homes, this has become a more difficult task. Now there’s virtually no division

between work and relaxation space, leaving us to get distracted easily.

I have found the solution in a business called Planted Paper Co.!

Planted Paper Co. is a business run by Viyasha Harris, a recent college graduate operating from Atlanta, Georgia. Her Etsy page offers planners designed to keep track of

academic work and daily “to-dos,” as well as cute pins and keychains.

As a sophomore at Ball State, I’ve come to enjoy her planners and just how organized they keep me. They’ve helped structure my busy days, allowing me to track my daily schedule down to the hour. As an added bonus, the planner includes sections that allow you to keep track of expenses, emails, and there are also weekly, monthly and yearly goal-setting pages. If you’re trying to make 2022 a more productive year, then check out Planted Paper Co!

Studio Jibby

Personally, I’ve wanted to develop a more regimented workout routine. However, in the past, I’ve struggled due to uncertainty about how to plan my workouts.

Studio Jibby helped me conquer this concern with her Instagram page, where she shares

specific workout plans and posts the corresponding videos on her YouTube. Not only does she make workout planning easier, but her videos also include modifications that make her workouts suitable for beginners.

Aside from her workouts, she also keeps it real and shares relatable stories. On her Instagram, she posts about her struggles and motivations leading her to become a fitness instructor. She shares her past battles with relationships and substance abuse, showing us that even though we may have our own set of issues, that doesn’t have to stand in the way of becoming more physically fit.

So what’s stopping you? Go check out her Instagram and YouTube to help you get more active!

Alikay Naturals

Last not least is Alikay Naturals. Alikay Naturals is a black-owned hair company striving to

provide curly and coily gals with more natural products. Unfortunately, in the black community,

women are influenced to use products loaded with damaging chemicals. However, Alikay Naturals strives to help black women use more natural options by including a few simple ingredients such as avocado oil, lemongrass and honey.

While all of their products are amazing, a few that I recommend are their Glazed Argan Oil

Silkener, Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner, and their Knots Be Gone Hair Detangler. Not only

do they sell an array of hair products, they also allow you to shop their site by concern. Whether you’re focused on dryness, breakage, tangles, or any other pesky hair struggles, Alikay Beauty is sure to have you covered.

If you’re looking to go more natural and quit the chemicals, Alikay Naturals will be your best friend.

Happy shopping!

Cami Beteet

Ball State '24

Hi, I'm Cami, a freshman and TCOM major at Ball State University.
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