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As the winter season rolls around, it’s obvious coldness isn’t everyone’s forte. Now it seems as if every day, I’m struggling to find the perfect balance between looking put together but not freezing my ass off at the same time. However, with or without 10-degree weather, there are always inconveniences in our fits I’m sure every girl or boy has dealt with, regardless of how cute it is. With that being said, here are some tips and tricks that have saved me numerous times and can add a little spice to how you dress every day. 

Sweater Hack

The equivalent to a crop top in winter is probably your favorite long-sleeved sweater. Oversized sweaters are the most versatile pieces. You can style this up, down, or tucked into your jeans. Sometimes, when it comes to tucking something that’s a little bit thicker in material, bulkiness occurs in our bottoms, and nobody wants an awkward, stuffy feel. Instead, opt for a longer bra length that reaches closer to the belly button, like a sports bra, with a thick elastic band. Tuck the bottom of your sweater under the bra all around until you’ve reached the desired look. Because the sweater acts as a crop top, I usually reach for pants that are higher-waisted. You’re in your favorite top, but it’s just sweater weather with a twist! 

Stockings Are A Lifesaver

If you do love the look of tucking your top into a skirt, but you still struggle with bulkiness, I highly recommend investing in a good pair of stockings. The tightness of your stocking under your skirt will hug your sweater, reducing the visibility of extra material in your pants. This is perfect for anyone who’s still not over warm weather and still wants to incorporate their summer/fall pieces during the transitions over to winter. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still probably freeze, but who knows? Maybe that sheer little piece of fabric will keep you warmer as it keeps you cute. 

Tape, Tape, Tape

The change in weather sometimes doesn’t affect how we dress. If you’re like me, mini skirts and dresses don’t ever have a defined season. If I want to pull up to a family function with a cute gingham or bodycon dress, trust me, I will. However, I’m sure every girl has dealt with the discomfort of dresses riding up. To solve this issue, invest in some double-sided skin tape or scotch tape. Place these strips to areas you don’t want your outfit to move and voila! Hopefully, this will reduce shifting in the most uncomfortable places.

Hair Elastics Not Only For Hair

Another issue many of us have probably accoutered occurs with our belts. It always seems as if there are never enough loops in our jeans to keep the tail of our belts down and tucked in. To solve this issue, those tiny elastic hair bands spilled out in your accessories bag, are finally coming in handy. Pull the elastic through a belt and drag it to the area where you need the tail place. Tuck-in the end of your belt into the elastic and this will hold it in place all day! No more adjusting and readjusting!

No Wrinkles! 

Last but not least, invest in a good steamer! Any fashion major or guru will tell you it’s the best investment you can make for your closet. Garment steamers are the perfect way to remove any creases and wrinkles in clothing after a wash and dry, or after your clothes have been sitting crumpled in your closet. They’re lightweight and oftentimes more accessible than an iron and ironing board. No matter what you’re wearing, a wrinkless outfit is always the move! If you’re not too huge about wrinkles when it comes to clothing, this is still going to come in so handy for business outfits like suits you might need to wear for a presentation or an interview. It’s a great way to kill germs and best of all, it’s super affordable.

Edna Zheng

Ball State '24

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