Why Not To Be Sad On Valentine's Day

It’s that day of the year. Valentine’s Day is the one day a year that people tend to put in the extra effort. Teddy bears are in high demand, hearts are plastered all over hallways, finding a restaurant that isn’t teeming with lovebirds is futile, couples have photos ready in order to give their followers a more tangible feel for their emotions towards each other, and chocolates are stuffed into a cheap heart-shaped cardboard box. It’s a sea of red and pink.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most dreaded holidays for us singles. Watching couples celebrate their love, while you’re lying in bed on your phone, is a lonely position to be in. I admit, experiencing a little sadness on Cupid’s Day is to be expected. But why should one day of the year affect you so much? It’s not as though you had a sudden realization of your relationship status. Yes, you are single. Yes, it can be lonely, but why the sudden emotional toll? Why not take this day to share with the ones you love that is not a significant other? Or even yourself?

When looking from a logistical standpoint, we must consider the pros of Valentine’s Day. Supermarkets are teeming with leftover chocolate from the holiday. In order to bring their sales back around, stores will reduce their prices on the sugary treat, leaving plenty for yourself in the coming week. Although restaurants will be crowded, that allows you to order takeout. This will allow you to save money on gas, or an Uber ride. The money that you would have spent towards a meal, gift, or other extravagances, can stay in your wallet for a rainy day. The hours that you might have spent preparing an outfit, cleaning yourself up, and figuring out plans, can be alternatively used to do something else productive. The flowers you did not receive will stay in their soil for bees to pollinate and collect pollen from. Consider yourself an environmentalist!

From an emotional standpoint, you must also consider the pros of not having a Valentine. Although you may not be spending the holiday with a significant other, you can still spend it with the people that you love. Instead of professing your love to someone you're interested in and risking possible embarrassment, remind friends and family that your love for them has not died. The disappointment you may be subjected to if your partner forgets to get you a gift, will not be felt by you. Along with the anger, guilt, other hurt emotions that may be experienced. The emotional stakes are high on this day, but not for you. Your emotional stability should be stronger than it has ever been. Not having a significant other means you have a lower chance of experiencing cheating, lying, or deception, from someone you love.

All in all Valentine’s Day is for showing people that you love them, don’t get caught up in the materialistic things that have been branded with the holiday.