Why Joining A Sorority Was The Best Decision For Me

When it comes to sororities, there are certainly so many stereotypes, stigmas, and standardized ideas that people have. After getting a bid to Sigma Kappa at Babson College in my sophomore year, I couldn’t be happier, more excited, and feel at home with my new sisters. Yet, every time I tell a family member or friend from home about my new experiences I am met with mixed reactions and opinions about sorority life. While I shouldn’t have to explain why I am in a sorority, what it means to me, and why it was a great decision, I do want to bring some light to why and how sorority life is different, great, and unimposing at Babson.

Because Babson is a small school at just over two thousand kids, Greek Life organizations on campus are not numerous. We have three sororities and two fraternities on campus, making each organization feel a bit smaller and more inclusive. At Babson, I have always seen and believed that Greek Life is different here, and it is. Greek Life is meant to be an all-encompassing organization that focuses on academics, service, and socially inclusive gatherings without any hazing, crazy rituals, or a high pressured environment.  

Since becoming a new member of Sigma Kappa Zeta Zeta at Babson, I have truly come to realize that yes, we are a sorority that can fit some of the molds and stereotypes, but we are also so much more than that because we are so diverse, inclusive, and most importantly, nice. Proudly boasting a higher than average organization GPA, logging many service hours with various organizations, and focusing on health and well-being at a sisterhood retreat are some of the new things I have done that make my new home in a sorority unique, enriching, and fulfilling. All the while, we spend no time hazing, doing any demeaning activities, or focusing on seniority; Sigma Kappa is truly an embodiment of what I believe a sorority should be. This is one of the main reasons I was so compelled to be a part of this different type of Greek Life and is why I so strongly believe in Greek Life.  

While I am already part of the Cross Country and Track and Field teams on campus, making a commitment to join another big organization that will be a large part of my life is something that I believe was truly a great decision for me as a person. In my three weeks, I have connected and bonded with the most amazing and extremely diverse group of girls who have been so loving, accepting, and welcoming to me. Having the chance to get to make a whole new family beyond my teammates is going to be so valuable for me over the next three years, as we continue to bond through sisterhood, friendship, and service while holding our true values close and not letting any cliches or stereotypes define us.  

Sometimes, I have realized, you just need your girl gang to support, empower, and push you. Shoutout to my Sigma Kappa sisters at Babson, I can’t wait for more amazing memories.