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I’ve always been fascinated by how powerful an image can be, and how much information one can portray through it. However, as I continue to explore the world of creativity, the common forms of photography don’t seem to interest me any longer. The preconceived notion of what art is or what art should be is like a heavy smoke choking my lungs, leaving me with little room for breathing and imagination. For a while, I was lost and confused as to how one can create art when it is set by rules and regulations.

To me, art is all about breathing, exhaling and inhaling that last smoke, setting it free, and letting it dance in the glowing dark. It is alive.

I’ve been doing photography for three  years, but never truly had the opportunity to break through many preconceived concepts of what photography should be. I liked taking pictures of landscapes and objects, but never truly loved them; I was never excited about any of them. However, as I was tossing and turning during these long, sleepless nights, thinking about my next project, I knew immediately that I had found a deeper connection with photography.

To me, in order to be different, I have to be bold. But in order to be vulnerable, it does not necessarily mean I have to be soft.

Through one of my projects, “刚&柔” (Strength & Softness), I intend to present art in the purest form—the human body. I manipulated the concept of lines, combining it with the shapes of bodies, to create a sense of mysteriousness.  As I encouraged my models to feel comfortable to strip down to their last piece, and feel comfortable with their own bodies, I could see the glow of curiosity and self-discovery through their dark brown eyes. Through them, the ideas of disgrace, control, strength, terror, and so on are explained. To some people, nudity might be a sensitive topic and make them feel uncomfortable. However, art is supposed to evoke a feeling out of you, to make you feel some type of way.

Being unconventional is just a part of my art-creating process, and being extreme is another part. I started exploring urban photography in a way that makes my parents paranoid called rooftopping. Rooftopping is the act of “breaking into” high buildings and taking pictures while standing on the edge of the roof. No wonder my parents call me every 10 minutes, every single time I go. But the feeling of blood and adrenaline rushing through my veins just makes the experience even more thrilling. Standing at the edge of the building, with wind brushing through my hair makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. And with my camera in hand, I feel like a storyteller with a wild heart, documenting this moment so I can relive it later.

Not only has photography helped calm me down and given me an excuse to enjoy alone time, videography is also another outlet for my escape. I recently started exploring the art of video by starting my YouTube channel. Documenting the little moments in life such as pouring a cup of tea in the cold winter, holding someone’s hand in an alley, and telling your parents how much you love them can all pile up into something magical.

To me, the world is just a projection of images, and I am the director behind the scenes.  








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