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Babson offers many great opportunities for students that want to play sports in college.  However, one sport that is rarely talked about is Babson Club Rugby, specifically the women’s team.  In high school, I was a three-season athlete, but never really stuck with a single sport for my eager to try new things.  After my first semester of not taking part in a sport, I knew I had to do something. With the support of my peers, I decided to join the Rugby team.  These are the five reasons I think every woman at Babson should at least attend one women’s rugby practice.


1. The team is very supportive

They do not care whether you are a high school star athlete or never played a sport in your life before.  These ladies will teach you everything you have to know and support you through it all. Before this, I had never played a contact sport and I get scared at the idea of being tackled.  The team has given me tips on how to avoid tackling and reassured me that it is okay. After I made my first tackle, they cheered from the sidelines and after the game they congratulated me.  I have never felt that supported by a team before and it is very heartwarming


2. The coaches are supportive

As a small, short girl I have faced a lot of criticism from coaches that I do not have the strength to be an athlete.  I was shocked when the rugby coaches treated me like any other player. They taught me how to play with encouragement even when I did not believe in myself.  Their constant support is why myself and others pour our hearts on the field (besides our competitive drive). Their kindness and motivation inspire me to be a better player.


3. Physically and mentally self-rewarding

As I mentioned, I used to receive a lot of criticism through sports.  Rugby is one of the hardest sports I have ever played, which is why I love it.  Not only do I feel myself becoming physically stronger, but I feel a renewed sense of self-worth.  I had very little faith and my athletic abilities after the insults I have heard, but with the support of my teammates and coaches I know I am not those insults.  I know that I am strong and with every practice, I feel mentally stronger for putting myself out of my comfort zone.


4. Teaches mental strength

As I said, rugby is a contact sport.  This means that sometimes you have to tackle girls that are twice your height, stronger than you, and older.  This is quite intimidating for me, but I have learned that by believing in myself it is achievable. I have seen the power in mentally believing in yourself on the field and it is inspiring.  By not overthinking and telling yourself that you can tackle anyone, it carries over to success on the field. Not only is this helpful in rugby, but in everyday life. You will face challenges that will test your inner strength.  Rugby has taught me confidence that I will carry wherever I go.


5. A productive way to release energy

Personally, I am not disciplined enough to go to the gym everyday and workout.  I do not have the motivation to find a workout for myself and stay in shape. By having practice three times a week, I am able to get a workout in to stay in shape.  Plus, it is not healthy to sit still and always do academics. A person needs to go out and exercise, which I find is fun with a team.


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