My Recruitment Experience

I honestly have no idea where to begin. Recruitment was a roller coaster of emotions.

Growing up in a family with only sisters, I loved being in that environment of a supportive sisterhood. I thrived off that and wanted to find my own sense of sisterhood in college. Hence, my solution was to join a sorority when I got to Babson. I was so excited to ‘rush’,  and even vocalized this intention to my friends all throughout the fall semester.

As recruitment begins during the spring semester, everyone gets dolled up for the busy weekend ahead. I got to meet so many new faces around campus and have conversations with many amazing women. I managed to get invited to preference night for my top sorority choices, meaning so far, the process was going swimmingly for me. I knew the girls in both sororities wanted me, and it felt good to be wanted. Whereas I did have friends that cried when they didn't get invited back to their top choices, I felt safe knowing that I wasn’t in their shoes...yet. If you look at it closely, the process is kind of degrading because it is a way to seek validation as to whether or not you are good enough. But it makes sense because it is dependent on whether you clicked with the girls in the sorority or not.

Then comes “Bid Day”— yikes. I had heart eyes for one sorority the whole time due to my overnight stay at Babson for admitted students. My host was from this one sorority and I was able to meet all her sisters that night. They were all so sweet, and it made me want to be a part of their sisterhood in the future. Despite this, I went through the recruitment process with an open mind and grew to also like another sorority too. Now back to Bid Day, when I opened the envelope and it was not my first choice. I was heartbroken. It was a mix of emotions that I could hardly process until one of closest friends started crying. Let me tell you, she never cries so it was shocking to seek the affect recruitment had on her because we were in the same boat. I kid you not, I exploded into a fit of tears afterward when someone asked if I was okay? I cried so much that even my roommate would exaggerate it by saying I cried for at least 4 hours that day until I eventually fell asleep. Looking back, I think I was mostly disappointed with the results. It hurts when you don't get your first choice, and recruitment proved to be the most painful college experience I had so far.

A month later has allowed me the time to accurately reflect on what happened and I can say that everything happens for a reason. My preference night speaker for the first choice even told me to trust in the process and everything will work out for the best. Maybe, my first choice sorority did want me. However, my second choice sorority wanted me more and that means I had a more lasting impression on them. Therefore, it makes sense that I am apart of this sisterhood. As initiation nears, I hope I made the right choice for continuing on with my current sorority. I did like the girls there, so I did envision a potential home. While Bid Day was supposed to be a happy time for everyone, there were sisters comforting me and encouraging me to talk out my feelings. They let me be who I genuinely am and that’s all that matters. Even though it stills hurts, only time can tell. They were there for me. As my best friend would say, “Sometimes what you want, is not what you need.” I’m glad I found a new home and I'm excited for what the future has in store!!