Must-Try Restaurants In The Boston Area

Boston is one of the best cities in the world, with even better places to explore and see. Boston is known to out-of-towners as a clam chowder city, with history down every sidewalk and alleyway. But there are lots of excellent restaurants and places to grab a bite to eat that are outside the realm of the Boston stereotype.

Casa Romero

Casa Romero is one of the best places if you want traditional Mexican food. It’s located in this little hole-in-the-wall, right on a side street coming off of Newbury St. The interior is low ceilings, with tiles adorning the walls with bright colors and patterns. The food is by far some of the best Mexican food in the area and the service and atmosphere are fantastic. There’s seating outside, although limited, that allows you to look up at the stars while making you feel like you’re hidden away in a cozy, comfortable place.



Earls Restaurant, located inside the Prudential Center, offers a friendly and sophisticated setting to gather with friends or family for a mix of global foods, ranging from poke bowls to classic burgers and fries, to sushi. There are two sections of the restaurant, an inside part and a section that’s located outside on a terrace, with skylights and tons of windows. It’s a great place if you want a bunch of options with a fun and summery atmosphere.


Mast Restaurant 

Mast Restaurant is a fantastic Italian restaurant located on Province Street in downtown Boston. It’s a very authentic Italian place if you want great pasta or pizza, amongst other options like lasagna and craft-drinks. The waitstaff at Mast all speak Italian, and the restaurant itself is set up in a very classy, yet comfy style. Their affogato, which is a dessert made with ice cream and espresso that is poured on top is one of their signature dishes as well.


Ph Basil

Pho Basil is located on Massachusetts Ave, about an eight to ten-minute walk from Northeastern University. It is Vietnamese, with a cozy and warm atmosphere with incredibly fast service. Their pho bowls are by far one of the best options, along with their fried rice, and veggie plates. If you’ve never had a pho bowl and want to try one, this is definitely the place to go get one!



Cava is a Mediterranean restaurant located near Fenway Park in Boston. Cava is set up to be something similar to Chipotle in the way that it serves its customers. You go in line and get to choose what you want, from a bowl to a wrap, and you go down the line and pick which ingredients are included in your meal. Once you’ve paid, you can easily take your food to go or eat inside the restaurant, which is also styled just like Chipotle, very convenient and quick seating. The food itself is very tasty and they have a lot of unique options, including a side of pita bread with hummus which, for Mediterranean lovers, is a win in and of itself.

These are only a few of the thousands of restaurants located in Boston, and Boston is one of the most exciting cities to explore and try new foods in. I would highly recommend trying either any of the restaurants listed above or any that you find on your own. Enjoy the exploration!