From Me To You

As the first semester comes to a closing, I begin to wonder how I am already studying for finals.  I now feel comfortable waking up for my eight AMs, and with the fact that professors are still learning my name.  The reality is that in four short classes, I will be returning home before starting all over again for Spring semester.  For some of Babson’s freshman class, it feels as though it was just yesterday that we graduated high school. That amazes me. A year ago today, I was patiently waiting to hear from the colleges that I applied early action to. It was an awkward phase where I was still committing everything I had to my high school classes without a clear idea of what my future held.

I would like to reflect on this experience.  I was lucky, I got accepted to all the colleges I applied to and had a supportive family to help me make my decision. With my choice came new challenges. College would be the first time that I would have to navigate a classroom and teachers without my friends or familiar faces.  I also had never taken a business course before in my life. I had no prior knowledge of what was expected of business students. And to top that all off, I didn’t even own a suit or professional jacket.

After this semester, I would not call myself an expert on college.  But I feel obligated to give advice to any seniors struggling at where to apply/commit that I wish I had before this whole process.  

1. Trust your gut

I almost did not apply to Babson College because the estimated price was too expensive for my family to afford.  My family has always taught me to be realistic and even though it is nice to splurge, do not set yourself up for failure.  However, I knew upperclassmen that had applied in previous years and got great financial aid packages. Also when I visited Babson, it was the first school I fell in love with.  As I toured, I could picture myself as a member of the Babson’s Class of 2022, which was a feeling I had not experienced anywhere else. Because of these reasons, I was determined to apply.  I had accepted that if Babson College was as expensive as I thought, I would be comfortable attending another school because at least I tried. In the end, Babson College was among the most affordable schools that I had applied to.


2. Do not underestimate yourself

Since my high school never offered business classes and I never took it upon myself to get experience, I was intimidated by Babson College.  When applying, I was aware that Babson was an all business school and while that intrigued me it also scared me. I was worried that once I attended college, I would change my mind and no longer want to major in business.  I worried that if I attended Babson and realized business was not for me, I would have wasted time and money that would only result in me transferring. This among other reasons like my doubt in my capabilities is why I also did not decide to enroll until the last minute.  I doubted that I was smart enough or qualified enough to attend Babson. These thoughts constantly floated through my head, so to those applying, remember to trust yourself.  You applied to a college because you believed you belonged there and an admissions counselor accepted you because they felt the same way.  Please trust and believe in yourself, because none of this process is up to chance. After much thought and support from my friends and family, I realized how deserving I was of the acceptance and committed to Babson.  


3. Be in the moment

I had a number one college that I was set on which was not Babson College.  However, in the end, Babson was most affordable and offered a better education than the other institution.  At first, I was disappointed, but after spending a semester at Babson, I cannot believe I had ever doubted my decision.  I know it is easy to fall into the rut of determination to go to only one school. But, try and give every college you apply to a chance because it may surprise you.  However, do not force yourself to go to a school that you just do not like. It is a hard balance between the two, but as I said trust your gut and be open minded. Also enjoy it, after years of working hard in high school, suddenly colleges will be fighting for you.  Take a moment to be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished.

I hope this was helpful to those that may feel lost during the process of college applications and I wish you all the best of luck.