A Letter To My Younger Brother

Dear Younger Brother,

“A brother is a friend given by nature” - Jean Baptiste Legouve.  

Thank you for being my support system. Thank you for being a great brother.  Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for putting up with me all the time, and thank you for being someone I can count on forever.

We share an extremely special bond, and for that, I am grateful.  I’ve come to understand, especially now that I am away from home at college, that our connection is truly special.  Our bond transcends both time and distance. As we get older, busier, and more independent, bridging the gap between space and time can sometimes be difficult. However, a phone call or even a text from you will ground me in my own life, remind me of the importance of our relationship, and never let me forget how much you mean to me.  

Whenever I get to see you, I no longer see the young boy who was always trailing behind me at home.  I don’t see a small, and green high school freshmen. I now see a mature, handsome, strong, confident, and bold young man, who is about to graduate from high school.  Your growth never ceases to surprise and amaze me because every time I see you I am astonished at how rapidly you have changed. Watching you grow up over the years, whether up close or from afar, has astounded me in so many ways and makes me extremely proud to be your older sister.  

Coming home to see you fills me with such pride and joy.  Being able to catch up and spend time with each other is priceless, precious, and sadly, fleeting. Our ability to pick up right where we left off and joke, finish each other's sentences, and have long-winded conversations about life is a gift that I hope we never lose. Taking a break from adulthood to act like the little kids we used to be, even for a short time, is something I crave and look forward to.  I am eternally thankful to have someone who can let loose with me on a whim.  

I cherish each and every single one of our memories. I can’t help but smile thinking about the millions of happy memories that we have together: family vacations, snow days, road trips, backyard adventures, amusement park trips, fort building, tree climbing, swimming.  You are always right beside me in my best memories. I will never forget the sibling adventures that we have experienced over the last nineteen years. And, of course, I know we will only continue to build on all of these special memories.

While I may be older, there are so many traits of yours that I aspire to have: your dedication, attention, and carefulness. I have learned as much from you, as I hope I have taught and inspired you just as much. We're not done growing up, learning, and feeding off of each other, and we will continue to do so together, and as one.

Now, as you finish your last year in high school, head far away to college, and spread your wings, I can only wish you good luck and stand right by your side as you begin yet another great adventure in your young life. I will support you through thick and thin, as you undergo this major life transition.  Continue to be your best self, as you are every day. Grow strong and independent (although my six-foot little brother is not the little boy I still like to think he is). Always know that I am nothing more than a phone call away, and I will always answer, armed with advice, laughter, memories, and experience. Good luck as you finish your time in high school, and at home, savor every moment being around family.  It is precious, priceless, and precarious. I miss it dearly and I know you will too. Home will be the place we always go back to relive our best memories. Home will always be in your heart.

Thank you for being who you are: the best brother and a best friend to me.  

I will see you soon to create even more amazing memories together.  

With so much love,

Your big sister