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A Letter to my Best Friend 1,078 Miles Away

Dear High School Best Friend,

I want to start off by saying that I miss you a ton, but I know you are having a great time in college.  Although we haven’t talked everyday, like we used to, I miss you like a missing limb.  Going from being attached at the hip in high school, and spending every single day together, to being 1,078 miles away from each other, in college, has not been easy.  But, you’re still my best friend, and always will be.  

I can’t help but smile when I look at my dorm room walls that are covered in pictures of us, commemorating our times in high school together.  From our countless outings to our school dances, I can recall the laughs, the conversations, and the smiles so vividly.  I’ll never forget your love of rainboots and how good the color yellow looked on you. I’ll always remember our movie nights, chinese food dates and our simple Starbucks trips (an addiction). We were constant buddies, eating every meal together, having our special table in the library, being on the same sports team, cheering each other on and supporting each other, every day.  

You would pick me up when I was down, and I would help you get back up when you were down.  Our complete understanding and striking similarities blossomed into a great friendship, one that made high school that much better.  

I will be there for every boy drama story, breakup, school problem, gossip session, and just to eat ice cream with you over a video call. You’re always a priority to me.

I can’t wait to see you soon, spend time with you, and visit you at your college. I can’t wait to execute our elaborate future vacation plans and visits. Even if it is just for three days, I want to sit on your bed and talk for hours, just like we used to.  I want to go everywhere with you, shop till we drop, be a foodie with you, and catch up on life.

Honestly, I’ve had some of the best times of my life with you, and wouldn’t trade those for the world.  I understand we had to part and go our separate ways, and know that we will both continue to grow during our college years and beyond.  Make new best friends, do the same things with your new friends, have a ton of fun, and I will do the same. But never forget that I’m always here to listen to any problem and minor annoyance, or to just talk and text about everything and nothing.  We will always have our friendship, even though it is different; but it’s the foundation of the friendship that matters, and high school cemented that foundation, for us.  



Your best friend

I'm a Junior at Babson College who is an outgoing, energetic, organized, coffee-obsessed person with a passion for running, fitness, travel, culture, cuisine, and fashion. 
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