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Jade Andersen: The Student CEO Taking On Sexual Stigma On College Campuses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Babson chapter.

The FME (Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship) course is a notable one for Babson College, where first year students are able to create and manage their own businesses, all funded by the school. FME is a big deal for Babson’s first-years, so we wanted to curate a brand new segment where we can highlight female CEOs from these businesses each year. You can read more about FME here.

“There are two ways to look at that news. On one hand, the increase means that women are progressing up the American corporate ladder. On the other, 32 is still very, very low—just 6.4% of the list—and in no way representative of the wider population.” –  Fortune, 2017

The first female CEO we’re featuring is Jade Andersen, CEO of Sensual. Sensual is an on-campus delivery service that provides sexual products for students engaging in safe sex. We were able to sit down and interview Jade, learning more about her, her Babson experience, and the company.


Hi Jade, we want to start off by getting to know more about you. Where are you from, and what attracted you to Babson?

I’m from Victor, New York and went to a similar sized high school where I was able to learn about different cultures through the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. I realized that because Babson is largely diverse and has a great business program that it would be the perfect place. On top of that, I have visited Boston since I was a kid.


What about outside of school? What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy traveling, hanging out with my friends, and watching movies.


Business is a wide scope, are you interested in anything particular?

I’m not completely set, but I am thinking about Marketing. I have a background in running a business by buying and selling products on Ebay.


Speaking of buying and selling products, how is Sensual going?

Sensual is doing well, we just launched on Valentine’s Day!


That’s great. How would you explain Sensual to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

Sensual is a business that promotes safe sex. We aim to spread awareness around campus, and hopefully beyond the Babson campus as well. Our mission statement is “Sensual aims to provide college students with the essentials for safe sex at their fingertips, while educating about the importance of sexual health.”


Did you come up with the idea? How did it come about?

I actually did not. Our CSO, David Silva actually came up with the idea about having a safe sex kit on campus. I thought it was a great way to tackle safe sex and addressing a market that is practically untouched on college campuses.


What are your current goals for Sensual?

For now, I want to bring more awareness to safe sex on our campus.


As for the future?

As for the future, I truly hope that Sensual becomes a big thing. I want it to first become a part of Babson, where students could work and earn money as a part of it, and then expanding to colleges around the Boston area.


It’s good to hear that everything is going well. Have there been any bumps in the road?

We actually started off with a bump in the road, right at the beginning of last semester at the FME Prototype fair.


Would you like to elaborate and address that?

Sure, we had originally included some extra products that would satisfy other desires, items like handcuffs. After time and reconciliation, we realized that we wanted to provide the baseline items for any safe sex encounter.


After that, what do you mainly want people to think about when they think of Sensual?

I want people to think about safe sex, and engage in it. I want customers to know that Sensual is viable, discrete, and convenient service.


Could you explain how Sensual works?

Of course, we are a discrete delivery service that is available every day of the week. All you have to do is make your order online at Sensual. After that, it should be delivered within 5 to 10 minutes by one of our members that is on call. You can always get it straight from us at our booth in Reynolds on Thursdays from 1-3 pm!


When are you guys in service?

Our office hours are 12-9 pm, every day!


What is inside of each sensual box, and how much is it?

It comes with 4 Trojan condoms, 1 Flavored condom, 1 lube packet, 1 towelette and 4 mints, all for 5 dollars.

We are currently having a promotion. The boxes will now be $5.00 plus tax, if the customer buys from Reynolds campus center. The boxes will be $5.00 plus tax and deliver, if the customer purchases online.


So whenever I want to purchase a box, I can buy it online?

Yes, you can purchase one at sensualbabson.com or visit our booth in Reynolds on Thursdays from 1-3 pm!


What is your favorite part of the team? How is the team dynamic?

I love the diversity and how hard our team works. They all pull their load and we would not be able to function without each and every one of them. You can see all the members and their profiles on our website!


Learn more about Sensual and the Babson students helping diminish the stigma around sex here.

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