How To Cope With Feeling Homesick

I can't believe it’s been a whole three months since I’ve been away from home. Even though I’ve loved my time at Babson so far, I would be lying if I said I never said I missed my sunny state of California. Here are my top three tips to cope with feeling homesickness:

  1. Remember that you are not alone! This is what the majority of first-years feel since they are also probably away from home for the first time. Therefore, it is totally okay to feel homesick! One of my best coping mechanism is finding friends from the same state as me that can relate to my very California lifestyle. It is the little things like missing how great the Mexican food is over there compared to the locations in Massachusetts (honestly, there is no comparison!). These people remind me of home and being with them creates a safe haven and a comfortable space for me. They are the closest connection I have to home until I actually am able to fly back to California myself.

  2. Talk to your old friends often! I don't mean having a full-blown conversation everyday especially when your life starts becoming so routine with balancing academics and a social life. I mean you can easily stay in touch through starting and maintaining Snapchat streaks (highly recommended). This is a nice way to communicate and see your friends faces every day, even if you don’t always FaceTime! When something interesting happens, send them a snap like “oh, this reminded of the time when we…” Moments like this form a nostalgic bond between you and your old friends. These are the moments you cherish forever. Also, remember to call them when big events happen! Let them stay in the loop of your life and vice versa with you staying in the loop of theirs. Otherwise, who else would you hang out with you when you are back home for the long winter and summer breaks?!

  3. Facetime your family! Your family is a different ballpark compared to your friends, usually because they are way needier (and you need them more too). I'm assuming the stakes are higher because they actually pay for your education opposed to your friends, who are a nice support system. They always want to check up on you to see how you are doing. Your parents will be the one to send you the care packages with food from home that you like, so be nice! I recommend FaceTiming them at least once a week (but this is up to you)  to check up on each other and give them the assurance that they need that you are doing okay.

Go explore your current city! It’s important to find places that remind you of home, whether it’s the Italian restaurant in the corner that makes pasta just like how your dad does or something similar. It’s also important to find new places that remind you of your new home, wherever your college is.