How to Build Up That Wardrobe

Let’s be real here, it is so easy to walk into Urban Outfitters, get distracted by all the cute trendy clothes, and end up with unique pieces that act as the statement piece in an outfit. But if all you have are statement pieces, making an outfit can be quite tricky.

In order to build up your wardrobe and have the cutest most put-together outfits, you need to analyze your closet of your basics. Do you have plain white and black tops that can pair with anything? Do you have staple jeans (white, light-wash, dark-wash, black) and slacks that can pair with anything? Do you have purses, shoes, and accessories that you can wear everyday with anything?

If you really think about these questions, you will discover the fashion items that are worth investing in. Velvet may not be “in” forever, but well-fitting black pants and great white and black tops are basics that will always be in style. Plus, you can pair one of those trendy items you got at Urban with your basics, and poof! There is a cute outfit that highlights the funky new piece you just bought.

Along with finding basics, it’s important to figure out your personal style. For example, I’m short and learned that heel booties are my best friend. I will wear these everyday until I die. Since they are versatile and can be paired up or down, I would rather invest in a good couple pair of heel booties than one trendy pair of cheap heel booties. Now maybe you don’t like heels or don’t live in a colder climate, so heel booties would not work for you. That’s fine! Find what works for you, and then you can identify the pieces that would be a great addition to your closet.

Remember, it’s totally fine to still go HAM at your fave trendy store. Just remember to have the right basics to support those statement pieces.

Fashion is all about having fun and feeling great, so don’t stress too much. Have fun playing around with your style, and get ready to feel unstoppable!