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Fenty Beauty: Is It Worth The Hype?

We all have heard of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s makeup line that has taken over the makeup industry by storm and and stirred many public opinions. Although the hype  was DEFINITELY real, there was talk over how Rihanna would go about creating a makeup line, considering the lack of connection between her and the cosmetic industry. The sales in the initial month of launching were 5 times the sales Kylie Cosmetics had made, creating quite the commotion.

With these impressive sales and excitement, the question is: are people actually enjoying the line, or only purchasing to support Rihanna? The beauty influencers have been promoting the brand and advocating for the line’s high quality products, but who really knows if the good quality claims are true, or if they are solely being said in order for the beauty influencers to be seen in “good light” by the company to possibly get free products.

Sooooo I took it upon myself to purchase some products from the Fenty line to get the real scoop.



Girl ok, this lipstick is the perfect red that everyone says it is. The color is STUNNING and draws everyone’s attention. The formula also is more liquidy so it is easier to apply, and the lipstick does transfer but surprisingly stays on the lips all day. Take on eating that burger and kissing that guy and be prepared to flaunt that perfect fully intact lipstick

The only downside is that the applicator is very different, and makes it more difficult to apply the color neatly. It is very easy, even with lipliner, to mess up the line and have a not so hot situation. With time and practice it becomes easier and easier, and then the lip is POPPING.

I say, get it!

Buy it here!



Ok, everything about this lip gloss is amazing so do yourself a favor and BUY TTHISSS rn.  This lip gloss is one of the very few that literally looks WET on your lips. The gloss is very eye-catching and tastes yummy. 10/10 recommend, buy it now.

Buy it here!



This foundation keeps your skin slightly glowy/natural, but even on my oily face, that could fry McDonalds fries on it, it kept me from looking like a hot and sweaty mess. The coverage is phenomenal, medium/full coverage, and is buildable. I love this foundation. The only thing is that it does oxidize during the day (meaning it turns color to become darker/more orangey), but if you know this ahead of time and purchase a slightly lighter shade instead then you are set. I would def. recommend.

I am still trying to get my hands on the trophy wife highlighter that everyone is talking about and see if it is bomb or not. Overall, all the products are amazing and actually worth the hype.

Buy it here!



You’ll thank me later.


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