Environmentally Friendly Shopaholic

I’m someone who loves to shop online. Ever since I started working and generated my own income, I have become obsessed with late-night online shopping for clothes, shoes, make-up, skincare- pretty much everything! However, recently I have started to reevaluate some of my decisions and have decided to change my lifestyle to a more sustainable one. I want the clothes I wear to represent what I stand for personally and I don’t believe fast fashion companies do that. I am also aware that this choice I’m making is a privilege because of my financial condition, and that shopping at environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible companies is more expensive than fast fashion.

I have looked into the following websites and I believe they are good alternatives to start with for those that are also starting their journey in being more aware of what my impact is on the environment around me. Other options include thrift shopping, wardrobe swaps (there are many apps out there that allow you to do this), or permanently changing your style to purchase clothes that are durable, timeless, and high quality versus quick, cheap fash fashion.

*However before you go on a crazy shopping spree deciding that you’re going to only buy environmentally friendly clothes, remember that being environmentally conscious should also affect consumption culture.*


Women’s wear (clothes):









Skincare & Makeup:


Home & Office:


I have decided to re-sell some of my clothes through an Instagram page, so stay tuned for more updates on how that is coming along and on my sustainable lifestyle!