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Conflict Between Christianity and Logic: My Solution

In today’s world, one of the biggest contradictions I find is between my religious and academic educations. Both are my sources of knowledge, however their presentation on the context of the world is vastly different. Where science says the world was created by the Big Bang, my religion says the world was created across 7 days where God created the Earth and its creatures, Man and the Heavens. Where society says the purpose of life is to have a good time while on Earth, my religion preaches how the purpose of life is to find your way to God and his Kingdom. Despite the direct conflict between the two, I refuse to let up on my religion. Here’s what I’m doing to develop my religious connection:

To find a clearer method to navigating my life, I’ve started dedicating more time to my religion. My goal is to better understand the Word of God, so that its stories of logically impossible happenings can spiritually start making sense to me. In more simple terms, I’m dedicating more time to personal Bible study than I ever have before. If you’re of the Christian faith and are similarly trying to clarify the world in terms of religion, I’d suggest downloading the app, ReadScripture. Over the course of a year, the app helps you read the entirety of the Old and New Testaments in English Standard Version (ESV).


From other practitioners of the Christian faith, I’ve heard that the Word is meant to be comprehended in community, in addition to individually. Thus I am also currently seeking ways to digest the Bible with fellow Christian followers. From my current research, I’d suggest joining an online Bible Study group. Such groups can be found on social networking sites like Facebook, or other sites that are specifically tailored to religion. If you’d prefer an in-person group meeting, research some local churches that hold study groups. Regardless of where you participate, these meetings are great ways to enrich yourself in your Bible findings, all the while asking questions on anything that is confusing or contradictory.


Being a dorming college student, it is more difficult for me to travel for Sunday church services. As a solution, I also plan to allocate time on Sunday for prayer. I believe this will help develop my relationship with God and will help me speak my reflections on his Word and its application to my life.

You may be wondering, through immersing myself in my religion, what am I hoping to gain? Yes, I am hoping to gain more perspective on what it means to live in today’s world and how. I’m also hoping to find a home and community in God though. It’s tough living in such a dangerous judgmental world, and I’m determined to find a long-term solution. If you’re considering to take a similar religious journey, I wish you luck!

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