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Bye Mindy! Thanks for Everything!

Let’s be real. When I went home for winter break, I had two plans: eat delicious food and catch up on all the TV shows that I missed during the fall semester. The one that I missed most of all was by far, The Mindy Project. For all its quirky jokes, dramatic characters, and ever graceful Mindy Kaling, I was FLOORED when she made the announcement that the show was ending. So, all through first semester, I avoided watching the last season because that meant something good was ending and I just wasn’t ready to part with Dr. Lahiri just yet.

Snuggled under my favorite blanket, I got ready to binge watch the last 10 episodes and let me tell you, it is SO worthwhile. So, here are some of the best moments of the final season.


1. Mindy and Dr. Ben the nurse break up 

I personally thought that was one of the worst storylines on Season 5 of The Mindy Project. Who even was Ben the Nurse, and how did they end up together and get MARRIED? I asked myself that question all the time. But, thank god for the break up because I am still always going to be rooting for Mindy and Danny to end up together.


2. Tamra and Morgan end up together

For a pretty dysfunctional couple, they really set their differences aside. Morgan has by far been one of  the quirkiest characters on the show and it is only fitting that he get his happy ending as well.


3. Mindy gets to keep her OB/GYN practice

Mindy is obviously meant to end up with Danny. So, who else would purchase equity stake in a company just to convince the love of their life that they have done such good with their life and practice?


4. Mindy finally realizes that she loves Danny

Coming a full circle and leaving Morgan and Tamara’s wedding, this time Mindy was the one who had it all, except one thing – Danny. Watching her ride that bicycle, passing by that same pool from the pilot episode and effectively dodging it, you think about just how much Mindy has grown as a character and how much you have probably grown since first watching that episode.


5. Mindy and Danny end up together 

That chase was WORTH it. I was always disappointed that Mindy and Danny broke up. Their relationship was problematic to say the least, but they’ve both done a lot of growing up and they’re finally meant to be.

On a final note, The Mindy Project was far, far greater than just a TV show to me. For me, Mindy Kaling was the first time that I had ever seen an Indian woman featured on American television. Whether it was The Office or The Mindy Project, she was always making waves and breaking barriers for all the young women, like myself, who struggled to find someone who looked like them on television. Mindy Lahiri is a badass, empowered woman living out her life in New York as an OB/GYN and she inspired a generation of television viewers and women to embrace their sexuality, womanhood, and life. Even outside of the TV show, Mindy Kaling still embraces that genuine lifestyle and reminds me on a daily basis that I owe it to myself to be authentic to myself.

So what’s next for Mindy Kaling? Even though Mindy Lahiri has exited her T. show, I am so excited for all that she has in the works with Ocean’s Eight, A Wrinkle in Time, and of course, her own daughter.

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