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For those of you who are new to the Greater-Boston area, I’ll have you know that Boston’s favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. Why, you may ask? Boston is home to many generations of Irish immigrants. In fact, Boston’s largest single ethnic group is the Irish. Should you choose to brave a trip to Boston on March 17th, you will witness the most eclectic Fifty-Shades-of-Green ensembles: I’m talking face paint, Leprechaun hats, gold costume jewelry, and clovers everywhere. As someone who grew up in the Greater-Boston area, I’ll give you a few tips on joining in the St. Patrick’s Day activities.


1. For the history-buff

The Irish Heritage Trail does indeed exist. Guided tours, of approximately 90 minutes, start at the Boston Common Visitors Information Center. And you’re in luck (haha): student tickets are discounted at a price of $12.


2. For the concert-goer

The House of Blues hosts  the Dropkick Murphy’s Concert. This year they’re playing five shows – two of which are taking place on St. Patrick’s Day! And, even if you aren’t into Irish bands, at least you get to experience the House of Blues…


3. For the family

Remember that movie, Good Will Hunting? Matt Damon’s and Ben Afleck’s characters were from good ol’ Southie. For a family-friendly atmosphere, check out South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade (really, it’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day) – especially good for the bagpipes too.


4. For the drama queen

The Irish Film Festival 2018 is actually from March 22-25. Check out the Somerville Theater and experience Irish cinema!


5. For the college crowd

Bar-hopping. You probably went last weekend, or last Friday night, but have you gone bar-hopping all day? Walk into any Irish pub and join your fellow millennials for a pint of ale.

Okay, unless you enjoy spending a premium on parking, drunk crowds, and spending time outside during a frigid New England winter, I wouldn’t recommend partying in Boston. Take this as a warning: St. Patrick’s Day, Boston-style, is not for the faint of heart. Quite honestly, hard-core Bostonians make the Lucky Charms cereal guy look tame…

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