5 Things To Do In Boston During The Holiday Season

Watch the Christmas tree light up

This Christmas tree is an annual gift from Nova Scotia, Canada, and many people gather at Boston every Christmas to watch it light up. So, bring all your friends, take a walk to Boston Common, and witness the tree transform into a myriad of red, green, and blue hues.


Go on a holiday cruise

What’s a better way to spend your Saturday night than to go on a cruise that goes along Boston Harbor? Choose from many different holiday cruises such as, the Irish Christmas Carols Cruise, Holiday Jazz Cruise, Cocoa & Carols Holiday Cruise, Northern Lights Sunset Cruise,  and many more.


Go ice skating in Boston Common

Bring all your friends, rent some skates, and ice skate in the beautiful Boston Common. Make sure to wear a thick pair of warm socks, and a big cozy jacket! Afterwards, go for a walk around the park, and stop by the many coffee shops lined up on Newbury Street, for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.


Watch a play

You know when it’s freezing cold outside, and all you want to do is just lay down and watch Netflix? Well, there’s a better option! The theatres around Boston offer an array of different plays throughout the holiday season, such as The Nutcracker and Elf. So why not head down to Downtown Crossing for a show stopper play?


Quincy Market

Grab a group of friends and hit up Quincy Market. Inside Quincy Market, you'll find rows and rows of scrumptious food, ranging from cheesy pizza to fresh lobster rolls. You’ll find seafood bars inside with a variety of the daily fresh catch, or made to order Mediterranean food. When you’re done with stuffing yourself with savories, make sure to try all the sweet options. There are plenty of candy apples, zesty lemon tarts, chocolate dipped strawberries, and hot cocoa to fulfill your sweet tooth.