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Your Back-To-School Survival Kits

Our Back to School Survival kits are here!!! These are some cool products you DON’T want to miss out on.

Spindrift is a refreshing alternative to soda! It’s a new sparkling water with all natural, unsweetened real squeezed juice. Spindrift is a more natural alternative to sodas and other sparkling waters. You can purchase Spindrift by the case here!


Aeropostale has just what you need for some new back-to-school accessories! The velvet scrunchies are the move. They are extremely comfortable and won’t damage your hair like those regular hair ties do. Aero sunglasses with Tortoiseshell frames are perfect for early morning drives or a day of hiking. You can check these out in the shop here!


Erin Condren will make you WANT to organize your life with these stylish planners. This is an 18-month book that will keep your life on schedule from July 2017 – December 2018! Get your own Hardbound LifePlanner, here!


Bed Head by TGI is a great product for those with a low-key morning hair routine. The dry shampoo will be a quick solution for waking up late for that 8:30 class in Sorenson. The Hard Head Hairspray will hold ALL DAY from your morning classes straight through BINGO. Check out more of Bed Head’s products on their website



These Her Campus pins are absolutely ADORABLE and will swag out any backpack. Get yours today at the HC Shop!!



The Freeman Beauty Face face masks will do wonders for your skin. I tried the Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil clay mask and my skin felt so clean after using it for the first time. Freeman Beauty will leave you feeling hydrated, beautiful and glowing. Check out their website for more awesome products!!


Fall means the weather is getting chilly so no more outdoor tanning… L’Oreal Paris is here to the rescue! I absolutely LOVE their Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes. Super easy to use and will give you a nice, natural looking tan. Head over to the L’Oreal Paris website for more great products to keep your skin glowing even when the weather isn’t.


Hi-Chew is a perfect pre-Her Campus meeting pick me up. Originally a Japanese candy, HI-CHEW was brought to the Americas in the 1800s. It is a great chewy snack and comes in different flavors like grape, mango, green apple and much more! HI-CHEW is made with real fruit juices and purees and you can get it at your local Walmart, Target or 7-Eleven!


Steripod has the perfect toothbrush cover for you to use at home or for any overnight stay. The toothbrush cover is quick and easy to use and keeps your brush clean in any setting. With a special design to circulate air and allow your toothbrush to dry naturally, lowering your risk of bacteria on your bristles. Get yours today at any Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Amazon or online at GetSteripod.com!

Lu is a senior at Augustana College majoring in Graphic Design. She is a Co-Editor in Chief of the Augustana Observer and a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Augustana.
Augustana college Her Campus Correspondent
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