Top 10 Movies to Watch this Halloween

This season calls for frights and flights of all kinds. Halloween is the time when you can scare someone without them getting mad at you. Colors of orange and black become more popular as the holiday themes for gothic and vibrant colors are clashed together in an array of fright. Many young adults are seen wearing costumes with features of fearsomeness and sexiness. The time calls for monsters, ghouls, demons, and a few terrifying run-ins with your ex. Let's bring back true fright by divulging ourselves into some Halloween movies which causes bone chilling reactions from all audiences, as well as some warmth of the memories brought back through these movies. Which movie is your favorite?


10.) Monster House

  Despite this movie not being under the description of "horror" it still offers occasional chills as two boys and their new female friend embark on a journey to go to the mysterious house across the street. Legends of the old man who lives there and his unusual antics are topped with his demented home, which appears it might be coming to life. As the three friends make their journey of understanding of what exactly the house entails, new revelations are made from the structure of the relationships the characters hold of themselves and each other. This movie is perfect for your younger friends and family who still enjoy Halloween, but cannot handle the other movies filled with horror. Who wants to ring the doorbell?

9.) Ouija

  This movie is a great beginner movie for those who are not sure about how they want to approach the horror aspects in movies. This movie entails the traits of bone-chilling graphics of facial destruction as well as horrific acts performed in the movie. The story is well known- a group of friends discovering a board game and deciding to play it for fun. The board allows access into the "other world" and in this predicament, a spirit escapes and begins to torment those who have used the board. The leader becomes overwhelmed by the events taking place and strives toward the goal of removing the spirit for good. Do you dare to play?

8.) Coraline

  Another haunting tale is one of a young girl named Coraline. Her family moved to a quaint new home with peculiar neighbors who seemed better on paper than in person. She encounters a small door hidden in the wall where everything she thought was horrible turned out well, all due to her button-eyed mother in the other dimension. Coraline soon realizes that not everything in the world is as amazing as it first seemed.  The graphics in the movie are ones of a haunting effect on the audience with the angles taken for the movie's production. Will you follow Coraline's journey or get sucked into the "good life" the button-eyed mother offers?

7.) It

  The newest reinvention of "It" offers better visuals to the audience versus its original movie in 1990. Young misfits live their usual lives until they encounter a creature who reenters society every 27 years to terrorize children. The main characters in the movie each need to face their nightmares and defeat the monster that lurks in the sewer, but what if it isn't enough? Watch to see if the children are able to make it out in time or if the creature lurking in the shadows will overpower them.

6.) The Purge

  In this alternate reality, one day is dedicated every year for the ideal of a better nation. For 12 hours, all crime is legal, including stealing, rape, and murder. Many citizens hope to hide behind the walls they build yearly to keep out those who seek bloodlust for the wrongness of the world. Follow, in the first of three movie stories, a family of four as they take in a stranger during another's purge. The family are suspended in hours of fear, suspense, anticipation, and adrenaline. Can the family survive or will their walls not be strong enough?

5.) Annabelle

  Enter the tale of an unlucky couple who only wished for a normal life. An expectant mother is given a gift from her husband of a vintage doll dressed in white. They are eager for their child, but cultists invade their home, hoping to raise a demon while marking the wall with blood. Unknowingly, they leaked a bit of blood from the walls onto the doll, leading to the dormant doll to become alive with the demon living within it. Soon enough, the doll is becoming more alive with every scene and fear leaks into the house. Will you play with the doll?

4.) The Exorcist

  This classic horror movie is continues to seize the fears of many through the tale of a girl possessed by a devil. After a mother notices her daughter is acting strange by being able to levitate, speak in unknown tongues, and other seemingly impossible things, she seeks the assistance of medical professionals to discover the problem. A priest steps into the situation, hypothesizing that the girl is indeed possessed. An expert is sent to hopefully remove the demon from the young girl, but things don't always go according to plan. Did I mention this is based around a true story?

3.) Sinister

  Desperate for a new idea, a writer hears about a film about the mysterious death of a family, he decides he wants to solve it. He takes himself and his family to the home to investigate, but they aren't there during the day. They decide to live there while the investigation is going on despite the clues to a supernatural force at work behind the mystery. The more the family goes deeper into the history of the family and its home, they realize what truly lies within the building. Would you enter a demonic home with a chance of death for some inspiration?

2.) The Conjuring

  Moving into a new house is difficult for young children, but realizing that that home is haunted is another story. All seems well to the family who moved into their new home, but they soon discover their home has hidden secrets in it from a horrific past. In needing some guidance, paranormal investigators are called, but will they be enough to defeat the dangerous forces? Or will they succumb to the spirit's wishes?

1.) Insidious

    Being in a coma is supposed to be peaceful to the victim, with their lack of using their body during the state. Sadly, the son in the comatose state does not have this ease as a demonic entity takes over him while he is in the state. Adding more gas to the fire, it appears the house is haunted with the spirit possessing the son, so there is nowhere without evil hiding away. The parents are desperate for any measure to be rid their son's predicament and rid their lives of the evil presences. How would save all that is dear to you without losing them forever?