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Tips for Staying Motivated as the Semester Ends

I know as well as anybody else that when the weather starts to get warmer, my motivation to keep up with my schoolwork severely decreases. However, it is incredibly important as a college student to keep yourself motivated so that your semester's worth of hard work does not go to waste. Here are some tips for ways to keep yourself motivated during the end of the spring semester.

1. Keep and maintain a positive attitude

Starting off with what I believe to be the most important tip of all, maintaining a positive attitude is a game changer no matter what is going on in your life. Keeping your head up and recognizing any challenge as an opportunity to learn will open your eyes to see situations in a different light and reinforce a positive attitude.

2. Stay organized

Keeping your workspace clean and your notes organized are both essential to maintaining healthy study habits. It can be easy to feel jumbled and disoriented if your work isn’t accounted for, so make sure you are keeping track of everything important and organizing your space. A clean space = a healthy mind. 

3. Limit your exposure to distractions when studying

It can be so tempting to blow off homework to go hang out with friends, but it is important to remember that in many instances, work comes first. The best way to keep yourself in check is to turn off all electronic devices and find a quiet place to study by yourself. It could be outside, in the library, in your room, or any other place that keeps you focused. The possibilities are endless!

4. Let yourself take breaks

At this point in the semester, the burnout that many college students are facing is so real. Therefore, it is important to give yourself time away from homework as well so that you can recharge and make yourself feel human again. Breaks are acceptable as long as they are disciplined in not exceeding too much time.

5. Remember the end goal

As a college student, it is vital that you remind yourself why you are at your college at all. Besides learning to be independent and moving away from home, you are first and foremost at college to complete a degree in an area that you are passionate about. Don’t forget where you want to see yourself in the future!

6. Surround yourself with other motivated people

As with limiting your distractions, you also need to remember to surround yourself with positive influences in your life, or other people who are motivated to work hard. Certain energies are contagious, so it is helpful to make sure you are exposing yourself to the right ones.

7. Focus on the reason you are here

You were accepted into this school and this program for a reason, and you are capable of success. Don’t lose sight of what you want for yourself just because you aren’t in the mood ‘right now'.

8. Set goals

Whether short term or long term, setting goals is important when trying to stay motivated. Beyond figuring out what you want to do in the future, you should also set baseline goals for the days, weeks, and months about what you want to achieve in your time. This will help keep you motivated in smaller increments as well as overall.

9. Reach out to support networks

Make sure you are checking in with people who care about you to be able to socialize and also prioritize your mental health. Odds are, someone else knows what you are going through, and it can be so beneficial to hear that you are not alone in anything. Reach out to people - they want to hear from you!

10. Celebrate your accomplishments

Whether it’s completing a small assignment or receiving a high grade, all accomplishments deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Give yourself a pat on the back; you’re doing amazing!


Rachel Murray

Augustana '23

Rachel is a third-year student at Augustana College majoring in Accounting and Finance. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and watching documentaries. Instagram: @rach.murrayy
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