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The Magic of Getting Ready for Christmas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

By Hannah Alvarez

Oh where to begin!! Christmas time is around the corner or for many of us, including myself, Christmas is already here. When it comes to Christmas, all of us think of different things. This can include the music, the food, the religious aspect, the spending time with family and friends, but I bet many college students, especially us girls, think of the decorations that come with the holiday season and having that intense feeling to decorate the dorm rooms, apartments, or houses. 

In my opinion this is the best part of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good, spending time with family is always fun and going to church on Christmas Eve and Day holds a special place in my heart, but I love decorating. On top of decorating, listening to Christmas music is what makes the magic of Christmas special in my heart on top of everything else. 

Decorations, what about decorations can get people in the holiday spirit. Is it the trees that people decorate with ornaments, the wreaths that people put on the doors, the festive pillows and blankets to put on couches or beds?Whatever it is, it can get people hyped.

 When it comes to decorating dorms though, there are a couple things to consider. One thing which is usually the most important is the size of the dorm. Not everyone has enough space to put huge christmas trees up, so think small or at least medium if you have the space. Also when it comes to ornaments, think small. Why put huge ornaments on the trees that are medium or small? They should be relatively proportionate. 

Now onto wall decor. Depending on how much wall space you have, you may or may not be able to put wall decor up. At least for me, I unfortunately do not have a lot of wall space. My wall space is currently filled up with wall decor from my sorority. I wish I had enough space though for some cute holiday decor. I do have my door though. My door has a little wreath and though I wish it was bigger, I don’t want it getting stolen. Next is festive pillows and blankets that you can put on chairs, beds etc. My bed and chairs are currently filled with Christmas decor and I could not be any happier.

The magic of Christmas can be fulfilled with many things, and maybe a little dorm decoration can be the key especially when some of the things that make Christmas, Christmas can’t be accessed unless you live at home while going to school. 

I do want to keep in mind though, that this can be a little pricey, and I am sure since we are college students it is hard to afford some of this so if it is, try to find other things that make Christmas feel magical. Maybe find events around your campus,hang out and watch holiday movies with close friends or even find events that the campus is putting onl. Whatever it is, try to find something that can make it magical. With all of this in mind, I hope all of you have a happy holiday.       

Hello everyone my name is Hannah Alvarez and I am a sophomore. I am currently double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Studies, but I may add on a minor. On campus I am involved in ESA(Epsilon Sigma Alpha) and also apart of the Phi Rho Sorority. I am from a sub-burb just 45 min south of Denver, Colorado called Castle Rock and form being being from Colorado I also just love the outdoors. I just like an hour away from the mountains so in the summer of love hiking, going on bike rides, driving up to the mountain towns and hanging out with people. I am also very adventurous so white-water rafting and activity's like that excite me. In the winter, I try to get up to the mountains as much as possible and enjoy the winter activity's that the mountains have to offer.