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Time in the endless pit of the vast universe

3rd away from the energy-consuming addict 

7.9 Billion 

Handcrafted souls upon one god, or two, or who the hell knows-


Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin

The color of the richness that was gifted upon the earth

For I was earth within a past lifetime.

Two feet, two hands, a nose, and a head


Or more so words forming a linguistic structure of unwarranted and unsolicited advice 

raging like a hurricane forming within a biological prison.


Never faced, never heard, never touched, yet 

always craved. 


Sister of peace, the only comfort granted.

It was there before I was born,

It will be there far after I am gone-

For now,

I am earth and earth is part of me

Josie Ramirez

Augustana '25

First Generation, Mexican American, Bisexual Women who has a passion on speaking her mind, making her voice heard, and the strength to change the world.
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